Soul-soothing pics from a science retreat

I was away at a science retreat this weekend, which consisted mostly of biomedical research and a few hard-core genomics labs. My department is mostly chemistry and a few biochemistry labs, so we partnered up with the bio departments to share our research. As you may imagine, there were numerous talks, including a few that really stood out. I’m not a traditional learner, so I usually get terribly bored in regular classroom settings where I’m being lectured all the time. When I go to seminars or talks, I really like when speakers involve the audience , whether that is via great visual aids, allowing the audience to ask questions in the middle of the talk (I’ve noticed that chemists are a little more uptight about this) or just by passionately sharing their awesome research. Passion. Enthusiasm. That gets me all the time. And since I always hope for those things in talks, I try to do the same with mine. Besides sharing my (awesome) research, I like to have great visuals, movies if possible (I study cell migration), and try to modulate my voice and explain things as best as I can. You can leave a comment below on the things that make a great talk, while I leave you with a little bit of eye candy from this weekend. The views were stunning, and my pictures just don’t enough justice to so much beauty.










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